Spend a Weekend Visiting Pittsburgh’s Canals Casino

The Canals Casino, located on the North Shore of the Arkansas River in The downtown area Pittsburgh, offers 450, 000 pillow feet of casino games, a 30 table poker room, 5 restaurants, 4 bars and plenty of live music and entertainment. There mega888 apk is so much to see and do that one day is sometimes just not enough. The complex is not a Pittsburgh gaming hotel, but can be more aptly called a huge adult entertainment center. Canals Casino lodging is available nearby for visitors that wants to stay a night or two.

Features of The Canals Casino

People come from near and far to enjoy an exciting evening playing the slot machines. With over 3000 machines in the 120, 000 pillow foot gaming area, you might never get bored. There are old favorites like Wheel of Fortune and new games like Sex in the City always being added.

For those that enjoy traditional table games such as blackjack, roulette and craps, Canals Casino has more than 100 different tables so you’ll always be able to find a destination to play. Win or lose, you will have a great time talking with the friendly Dealers and perchance socializing with some new friends.

Poker players have their own special room with 30 tables that feature ongoing tournaments and to be able to win big money. There is a dedicated food service just for the poker players so one of these don’t need to leave the table when they get zealous.

The Canals Edge Players Club, Restaurants and Bars

As long as you are twenty-one, when you come to the Canals Casino, you can sign up for a free membership in the Canals Edge Players Club which rewards you for the time and amount of your play. You earn points playing the pai gow poker or playing at the tables and can redeem them for free slot machine play, gifts and free or discounted dining.

Five excellent restaurants are available at the casino. Whether you want a gourmet beef dinner, a delicious buffet or just a quick munch, there is a destination to fulfill your wishes.

Enjoy the night. Relax over a couple of drinks in one of the 4 bars. There are live musical activities every weekend and you can catch all the Pittsburgh Steelers games and other sporting events on the large screen home theatre systems.

Make it a Weekend Getaway

Canals Casino is a great place for a weekend getaway. There are many ideally located hotels nearby if you need Canals Casino lodging. Pittsburgh gaming hotel accommodations are available to fit any budget. Proceed to treat yourself to a necessary mini-vacation. Come to Pittsburgh, have fun and try your luck at the pai gow poker or gaming tables. Enjoy a great dinner and possibly catch a live musical performance. Win or lose, considerably more . great time and stay ready to return for more fun and excitement.

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